Why You Want A New Pool

To help you really get what you want, let’s start by identifying WHY you want this in the first place.  (Knowing your motivation up front makes all the other questions a LOT easier to answer!)

Most people dream about getting a swimming pool for one or more of the following reasons:

    • “It would make our back yard and our home look SO much better!”
    • “It would be a great place to entertain family and friends.”
    • “It would keep the kids at home, and keep them out of trouble.”
    • “It will get the kids outside, doing something healthy (instead of playing video games!)”
    • “It would give us an easy way to exercise and stay healthy.”
    • “It would be an outstanding way to relax after work every day.”
    • “It’s a great excuse to bring the grandkids over.”
    • “It would let me work on my tan.”
    • “I’ve just always wanted a pool.  This is my gift to me.”


For example, if your primary motivation is to entertain your children or grandchildren, then a “lap pool” may not be the ideal choice.  If “exercise” is a big deal for you, then you’ll want to pay extra attention to the overall length, and perhaps make sure you’ve got a fairly large shallow area.  If “relaxation” and “spoiling yourself” is important, then a tanning ledge and perhaps a waterfall or grotto might be perfect for you.

Once you’re clear on why you want the pool in the first place, an ELITE pool designer can help you choose the style you want.