Positions We Want To Fill!

Below is a list of the positions we are looking to fill with great people. Please email your resume and a brief description of your skills, experience, and what position you are applying for to SRicci@LandOfELITE.com or apply online HERE

Crew Leader 1

Handles basic landscape jobs. Supervises up to three crewpersons. Able to carry out the instructions given to by his or her manager.

Crew Leader 2

Oversees a large crew on its jobs. Handles complex jobs, specialty equipment and difficult clients. Can supervise subcontractors. “Owns job” with little input from his manager.

Crew Person 1

Knows only the very basic landscape activities. Works at the direction of the Crew Leader.

Crew Person 2

Works at the direction of the Crew Leader. Has some experience in landscape operations (at least 1-2 years).