Ohh, I like that!


This is probably the easiest and most fun you’ll have until the day you finally step into your new swimming pool. For this “homework assignment,” all you have to do is start collecting photographs of any and all swimming pools that you like. Whenever you see a pool, spa or water feature that you like, just cut it out, and toss it into a folder called “my pool ideas.”

Where do you find these photos? Well, librarians tend to frown if they see you walking in with a pair of scissors, so magazines are probably going to be a better place to find this sort of thing. If your local magazines aren’t providing you with sufficient inspiration, you should consider picking up a copy of Luxury Pools Magazine (www.luxurypools.com). It’s loaded with a wide variety of outstanding pools, spas and water features from all over the United States and beyond.

Naturally, the Internet is also going to provide an outstanding source of swimming pool photos. These photos aren’t quite so easy to “cut out” and toss it into a folder, but it’s still possible for you to save copies of anything you like. Here are three different ways you capture these photos:

  • You can “right-click” on a photo. It will usually give you the option to “copy image” or “save image.”
  • If the “right-click” function doesn’t work for you, you might try the “Snipping Tool” that is found on most newer PCs. It will allow you to “cut and paste” any image you see on your screen.
  • Another option is to simply press “print screen” on your keyboard. This too will create an image of whatever is on your screen.One of the easiest ways to store these “borrowed” online photos would be to simply “paste” them into a Microsoft Word document. Alternatively, you may just want to print each of these photos individually, and place them in your “ideas” folder.By the way—it may be helpful, in some cases, to save photos of things you don’t like. That way, when you meet with a professional, you can say, “I like this, this, this and this, but I definitely do not like THAT.”