Have a BALL on this Court!

This amazing 30’ x 30’ single hoop court is a regulation college foul line with a pro specified adjustable and full 10’ net with regulation back board.


For sure, you must agree it’s a beautiful surface and look.  You know the saying ‘beauty is only skin deep’.  Well not in this COURT!  This is a unique and custom designed, engineered & full on ENVIRONMENTALLY sensitive PERMEABLE court.  That means that there is not only no water runoff, it also is an underground containment system for the pool winter draw down.  Pretty smart, RIGHT!?

And that’s not all!  I bet you’re thinking, “how does this puppy play?”  Well bounce away, cause this is serious and no fooling around play.  Don’t believe us?  then just ask our very very happy Pound Ridge, NY family.  All four can’t stay off this baby!

NO you cant just stop over and play.  Although we can bring one right to you.  Smaller, bigger, two hoops, tennis court, what ever you want we will have you jumping, running, bouncing, scoring and plain just having a BALL of fun.

Oh! Did we mention safe.   That’s right, this surface is soft on the knees, whether you are jumping or falling.   All chill on the fowls-  let’s be good sports, right!?

Stay tuned as there is much more to write about as we finish up this insane back yard vacation paradise.   Raised waterfalls, underwater lounging stone patios, infinity edge, pool side fire pit, elevated and cantilevered off the cliff decks and patios and smoking – yes, that’s right S M O K I I I I NNNNN outdoor grilling and chilling, cooking and hanging, margarita making, wine elegant and whooo hooo never need to get on a plane again SPACES FOR LIVING – BEYOND EXPECTATION!!!