For over 35 years, we’ve had people come and go. Whether they have moved on or are still part of the team, we are ever grateful for everyone who has come through the door. Without them, we wouldn’t have had the experiences we have had. We owe many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the team in one way or another – we truly do appreciate you all!

Below are current members of the team. In this business, especially during the season, it’s easy to just hire bodies with a pulse, but at ELITE, we take pride in the people we hire. For that reason, when it comes to hiring, we don’t joke around! We’ve developed a rigorous hiring process – check out our careers page to see what we mean. The people below are the best of the best. We hire not only skill – but passion, and drive. We hire people who share our vision and we train them OUR way. That’s what we’ve built our reputation on!

David Katz earned his Landscape Degree in Landscape Design and Ornamental Horticulture from Cobleskill State University of NY, and continued on for Landscape Architecture at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry, at Syracuse NY. In 1980 he started a 5 1/2 year management career for a well known Nursery and Garden Center in Westchester County, NY.

Through those years, David became increasingly passionate about giving homeowners more than they could ever get from a traditional nursery or landscape company. In 1985, David gave notice, left the company, and founded ELITE Landscaping. Since then, David and the team at ELITE have set an entirely new standard forlandscape design and build services. Beyond Expectation℠!

David and ELITE Landscaping are members of the New York Better Business Bureau (BBB), the North East Spa and Pool Association (NESPA), and the New York/New Jersey Metro Chapter of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) where David sits on the board as VP. David is also a Certified Building Professional™ with the APSP, one of only 220 such certified professionals in the country.

It’s no surprise that David was recognized in 1998 as a Distinguished Landscape Alumnus by his alma mater, the State University of New York at Cobleskill.

“Good enough is never good enough,” says David. He will anguish over every detail, striving to make sure that everything is right. David knows that this is the secret to going Beyond Expectation℠.

David’s clients will universally agree that his greatest talent is his ability to visualize and describe a creative, exciting and innovative project, unlike anything you might have imagined. Within minutes of discussing the project with you, and looking at your property, David will begin sketching some ideas and sharing them with you. Within 90 minutes of meeting David, you will undoubtedly realize that (1) you’ve met a very special person, and (2) your project can be a whole lot more fun, natural and exciting than you might have imagined.

And no matter what you decide to do, you most certainly will walk away with some great new ideas, and a new level of enthusiasm for the project you had in mind.

Would you like to meet David, and hear some of his ideas for your home? You can click here, or just give us a call at (845) 849-2953.

Did you know that every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer? Statistics show that one in eight women (12.6% of all women) will get breast cancer in her lifetime. The chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 35.

Fortunately, breast cancer death rates have been going DOWN. (Right now there are more than 2½ million breast cancer SURVIVORS in the United States.) This is most likely a result of (1) finding the cancer earlier and (2) better treatment.

Our team here at ELITE cares, and while we do so about all suffering and injustices against life, we are particularly passionate about breast cancer awareness. It is our wish to eradicate this horribly debilitating (physically and mentally) disease. To that cause, we encourage support to The American Cancer Society’s and their events such as “Making Strides, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s “Race For the Cure, and/or any other cause you feel drawn to.

We know firsthand what it’s like to live with and be affected by breast cancer. For that reason, our door is always open (or by phone, email, fax, smoke signal or even snail mail). If you ever need an ear to yell into or a shoulder to cry on, or just want a hug, let us know and don’t hesitate, We’ll be happy to talk with you.


The ELITE Team.

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