ELITE was born out of a passion to give homeowners a product that is Beyond Expectation℠. From the simplest of plantings to the most exotic and complex backyard oasis imaginable – it has always been our goal to find ways to give you more than what you asked for, and delight you Beyond Expectation℠. That’s our philosophy for you. A quick glance through our ridiculously long list of testimonials will bear this out. Homeowners consistently tell us how happy they are, and how the project turned out beyond their expectations.

We also have a philosophy with regard to our projects. We consider the design to be absolutely critical. A great project is about more than the individual pieces that go into it. It has to “fit” and “flow” and come together with the overall plan for the site. It has to function properly, and not create problems.

For example, any good builder can engineer a rock slide to be safe, and fun. Some of them can make it beautiful too. But precious few have the expertise to pull it all together so not only does it deliver water to pool as one would hope, but more importantly it should look natural (not just a pile of rocks), as if it’s been there forever. It must be designed with a proper manifold system (not just 1 or 3 delivery locations from which water spills) so every stream of water flows as naturally as a mountain stream. It should function without losing water (which we know is a common problem and sadly believed acceptable). At the same time, we want the surrounding plantings to be as low-maintenance as any plantings can be. That’s the ELITE way.

And of course, any builder can put some nice new plants in a fresh garden area. But we take this very seriously. When we design a garden or any other planting area, we’ll choose from a wide variety of different species, with different heights, shapes, colors, and most importantly – different blooming cycles. We’ll take the extra time to make sure it’s going to look good next spring, next summer, next fall, and 20 years from now. And of course, we always want it to be as maintenance free as possible.

Nice elements, good complements, and quality workmanship are nothing without great design.

When you meet our team, you are likely to experience the enthusiasm of people who are doing what they love. Our enthusiasm is contagious, which is why at least half of all our work is from repeat business and referrals.

We hope viewing the work we have done for others has excited you as it has so many others. We welcome the opportunity to share our vision, expertise and excitement with you. Feel free to contact us any time; We’ll be here like we have been for 30 years, ready to go Beyond Expectation℠ for you.

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