David, To take a page from your book – Plants grow over time. They will always be with you and each year they will grow and mature more. They are something I see every morning when I wake up and see every night before I go to bed. You will always be part of the family!!! I want to say it was the best investment I ever made – at least from an enjoyment perspective – but Stacey would get jealous!! ( maybe it was because my best investment because Stacey still continues to cost me every month.!!!!) Yea, Yea. I know The pool will top it all. –I’ll save you the e-mail to remind me about the pool!!! We will do the pool as soon as I can have enough to pay for it. The market is above 10,000 and business continues to be great. I know you need much advance notice, so when I have a better time frame you will be the man I contact. I’m going to write a letter for your web site or just for you so you can use us as I referral source. If you ever have any one sitting on the fence that needs to talk to a doubtful client- Stacey was more doubtful than I-please have them call us. Remember when we said, how about just doing the front of the house, if it turns out good we will do the back.? You have special talents and visions and you deserve the best. So to Mitchell, Shellee, your wife ( Debra?) and you all the best.