David, Hi, it’s me !! Jackie Przytula………..just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we still get a smile on our faces each time we pull up to our house. Of course, some of that is because we are still thrilled with our new house and its location, but a lot of it is because of the wonderful landscaping job that you and your men did here last summer. I honestly almost never come home without thinking how much I love the way things turned out. The winter was especially beautiful with all of the snow and everything still looks so nice even after such a long and snow filled winter. I hope that things are going well for you and know that you are probably gearing up for your very busy season. I had asked Don to email you a while ago to just say hi and tell you again how happy we are, but he is up to his eyeballs in work, teaching, and taking courses, so I decided to write before too much more time elapsed. We would love to have you and your wife over for coffee one time, if you were free for that at some point. Thanks again for everything and I hope that you send prospective clients to see your handiwork from time to time.. Sincerely,