Dear David, I am writing this mail to try to sum up in words our experiences the past 1½ years as well as to thank you for an incredible result with our landscaping projects. To be honest, I did not know a thing about you when we met for the first time. My wife Jeanette found your web site to be well constructed, and we decide to have a visit to get to know you. We had been scarred by many bad experiences with contractors over the past 8 years, and were initially very skeptical on any promises that were made. To be honest, I was at first amused at your declaration of going, “beyond our expectations” in whatever project we would pursue. I had heard it all before. By the end of the first meeting, however, I knew that you offered something different. I sensed right away that you had 3 qualities that were just lacking in all the other contractors we have dealt with in the past: Creativity, Honesty, and Professionalism. Your plans for our pool area and the areas around our house were truly beyond what we ever imagined. You were very upfront about the cost – even to the point of undercharging us when the material bill for our decorative stone was higher than expected. In addition, you and your staff were always a pleasure deal with on every level. Although these three qualities are rare for the contracting business in general, your true differentiator is your care for your customers. We never had to worry about getting a run-around story from you. You were always frank, polite, and proactive. We knew you truly wanted our job to exceed our expectations, and our daily interaction with you and your team proved that. We not only appreciate you going “above and beyond” with the final result, but also in working tremendous long hours in excruciating heat to finish our job before the big party we had planned for months. There are many individual cases where we were amazed at your follow-up, but one that really sticks out in our mind. On July 4th weekend, we woke up to no water in our house. Not knowing who to turn to in this desperate situation we called you. Within an hour on a holiday you were at our house and quickly found the problem that was totally unrelated to the work you were doing. My wife and I were both blown away at this – and recognized how truly lucky we were to have found you. We would be pleased to serve as a reference for you in any capacity. Although we do not have pictures of our site that truly capture the feel of your work, please feel free to bring prospects over for a look. The results are amazing – it is exactly what we were looking for, and has become the showcase of our home. We look forward to working with you on future creative projects. Kind regards,