Weekly Maintenance is of paramount importance for the longevity of your pool’s equipment, water, and surface. Weekly maintenance should address several factors. Safety of the bathers and longevity of the equipment, surface, and water is the goal when it comes to weekly maintenance. We want to keep the water clear and free of debris. You always want to maintain 100% clarity in the water. When you can’t see the bottom of your pool, it’s not safe for swimmers to enter. Also, tree branches and other debris can create a hazard for swimmers, so we want to keep all that out of the pool. Even when the water is clear, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to enter. We need to make sure that the water is sanitized to protect bathers from contaminants that cause nasty diseases. Water balance, especially pH, is important to manage. pH levels out of the recommended range can not only cause damage to your pool equipment but can also irritate the skin and eyes on bathers. Managing all of this on weekly basis is a challenge for most pool owners. This is why The Land Of ELITE offers a weekly pool maintenance service. We will visit your pool every week to take care of everything necessary to keep your Spaces for Living – Beyond Expectation!

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