10 Steps To A Perfect Pool

10 Steps to the Perfect Pool Report ELI

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If you want to be sure that your next swimming pool purchase is “the perfect experience,” then you’re going to love this handy little guide.

This was written not to sell a particular type of pool nor to promote a particular pool builder. Instead, this was written specifically for you the homeowner, to help you make sure you get exactly what you want, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be and no matter how “slick” or persuasive your swimming pool designer/ salesperson may be.

The secret to getting The Perfect Swimming Pool is to follow these ten simple steps:

  • Why do you want a pool?

  • What’s your style?

  • Oooh, I like that…

  • What’s most important to you?

  • What do your friends and neighbors say?

  • What does Google have to say about this?

  • What do the builders say?

  • What do previous clients say?

  • Preparing for your face-to-face meeting.

  • Signing the deal.