A picture of a backyard before renovationAn after picture of the same backyard with a new custom spa

Spas and hot tubs are therapeutic, promote relaxation, and offer a soothing experience after a long day. From jets with massaging bubbles to exterior LED lighting effects, a hot tub and spa transform your backyard into a fun retreat for the whole family. Plus, you can relax in a stand-alone spa and hot tub year-round, especially in the Northeast.

Land of ELITE, a top-tier custom hot tub and spa contractor, can integrate a custom spa and hot tub into your existing pool design, or you can opt for a separate hot tub and spa housed in a dedicated outdoor space. Many property owners prefer a standalone spa or hot tub because they operate independently from the pool, and there is more flexibility when and how you use them.

Our experienced luxury swimming pool, hot tub and spa designers can discuss custom design options with you, perform a site assessment, and help you determine the best way to include the perfect spa or hot tub in your backyard.

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Integrated Spas

There are benefits to integrating a custom spa into a pool design. A spa can flow seamlessly into the pool, including an aesthetically appealing waterfall or infinity edge. Custom spas can be constructed in various shapes to complement the pool design, and using the same tile and materials offers a cohesive look. Integrated spas are available in shotcrete or drop-in precast fiberglass.

Custom standalone spas and hot tubs
Standalone Spas & Hot Tubs

Acrylic hot tubs are efficient and offer the flexibility of placing the hot tub anywhere on your property. Some residents prefer a dedicated spa space that feels like a getaway from other outdoor entertainment and recreation spaces. Another benefit of standalone hot tubs and spas is that you can add them to your property anytime—but if you want to integrate a spa into an existing pool, you’re into a more costly renovation. Standalone spas are available in different shapes, and we can finish the exterior to blend with existing landscaping or architectural elements.

 Spas, hot tubs, and pool features
Hot Tub & Spa Features

With Land of ELITE Landscaping, you can customize your hot tub and spa to provide the desired spa-like experience. That can include selecting where adjustable jets are placed and how lounge seating is configured. With integrated hot tubs and spas, we can adjust spillover to achieve a waterfall appeal or keep spa water contained, based on your preferences. Here are some additional hot tub and spa features our clients appreciate.

  • Speakers and sound systems with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control features can adjust the jets and give you the desired temperature that will heat up and keep your water warm
  • Smart features to monitor the water filter cartridges and the water care system
  • Wireless touchscreen control panels
  • Custom LED multi-colored lighting
Get an Elite Spa & Hot Tub Experience

Land of ELITE is an authorized dealer and installer of PDC Spas. Ask us for a free site assessment—share your ideas and ask for ours. We are home improvement professionals who specialize in building and designing the best hot tubs and spas for residents in Poughkeepsie, NY, and beyond. Contact us today by calling 845-849-2953, or fill out this simple form, and we’ll contact you.