The landscaping on your New York commercial property can be a competitive advantage—if you maintain it as an asset so it is a safe, attractive, and functional space for those who live, work, and play there. As a property owner or manager, you need a service partner you can depend on to be the eyes and ears on your grounds. That’s why there’s Land of ELITE; our commercial property maintenance services are designed to cater to your specific needs. With Land of ELITE as your service partner, you can trust that your landscaping will receive the utmost care and attention it deserves.

Doesn’t your retail environment, homeowners association, office park, or commercial site in the Hudson Valley deserve the very best care? We think so. That’s why we deliver elite landscape maintenance by experienced team members who take great pride in their work. We have high standards, and so should you.

Land of ELITE is a concierge, full-service commercial property maintenance and landscape management company that understands your property represents your brand. So we bring to you horticultural experts, detail-oriented maintenance professionals, and account managers that are your go-to so have a single point person for anything outdoors on your grounds and any maintenance requests for your commercial building.

Commercial building in need of commercial property maintenance services in New York

Comprehensive Commercial Property Maintenance Services for Every Need

Commercial Property Maintenance

No matter what type of business you run, the exterior appearance of your commercial building is just as important as that of the interior. Land of ELITE is one of the best property maintenance companies in New York with industry-leading experience in maintaining commercial buildings. Our professional property maintenance service team is committed to ensuring that your commercial property remains in impeccable condition, reflecting the professionalism and excellence of your business.

Industry-Leading Landscape Management

Our landscape management services encompass a full spectrum of care, from routine lawn maintenance to intricate garden design, ensuring your green spaces are vibrant, welcoming, and reflective of your business’s quality. Our experienced team employs the latest horticultural practices to cultivate an environment that enhances your commercial building and property’s appeal and functionality.

Young man does pruning routine maintenance on commercial garden of an office building in New York


The Land of ELITE’s plant healthcare program prevents damage, improves the longevity of trees and shrubs, and assures the safety of those who enjoy your property. We’re in the business of preserving plants, and our team understands that thoughtful, skilled pruning will beautify and protect your commercial property. Here’s what that could entail:

  • Removing diseased, dying and dead branches
  • Reshaping and trimming trees, shrubs and plants
  • Pruning tree and shrub branches to improve views
  • Preventing storm damage with proactive pruning

Advanced Turf Health Care Solutions

A lush, healthy lawn is the foundation of your property’s curb appeal. Our turf healthcare solutions leverage eco-friendly treatments and cutting-edge technology to promote vibrant growth, combat pests, and prevent disease. Regular assessments and customized care plans ensure your grounds remain immaculate and inviting year-round.

Comprehensive Plant, Shrub, and Tree Healthcare

Our plant, shrub, and tree healthcare services are designed to preserve the natural beauty and integrity of your property’s vegetation. From targeted pruning to disease management and fertilization, our experts employ sustainable practices to nurture healthy, resilient landscapes that captivate and charm visitors.

Innovative Green Roof Maintenance

Green roofs are not only beautiful but also environmentally beneficial. Our green roof maintenance program includes everything from irrigation management to vegetation health, ensuring your rooftop gardens thrive. These unique ecosystems offer aesthetic, thermal, and biodiversity advantages, making them a valuable asset to any property.

Efficient Irrigation Service, Repairs, and Retrofits

An efficient irrigation system is crucial for the sustainability of your landscape. Our services include comprehensive system checks, timely repairs, and upgrades to ensure optimal water use. By employing the latest in water-saving technologies and practices, we help you maintain a lush landscape while minimizing environmental impact and reducing costs.

Specialized Maintenance Services

Plowing ice and snow on commercial properties

Snow Removal & Ice Management

Snow and ice are a liability for commercial property owners, and you don’t have to expose yourself to unnecessary, costly risks if you have a winter maintenance plan in place for your site that your budget allocations. But don’t hire just anyone, unless you want unreliable service costing you more money. You want your property to be a priority. We provide structured and organized assistance making your maintenance costs more predictable and manageable.

Land of ELTE has an Avetta-approved, ISO 9001 / SN9001-certified team. What does that mean? We’ve been audited for safety, efficiency, and excellence—which is what you deserve. Our team works around the clock. You can expect 24/7 forecast monitoring from our dedicated response teams, along with snow and ice management programs that suit your needs. That includes stocking your site with de-icing supplies and strategically planning how to remove large snow piles that can deter traffic and slip-and-fall accidents, greatly reducing the owner’s responsibilities.

Here’s what that can look like:

  • Snow stacking
  • Snow hauling
  • Sidewalk, ramp, and walkway cleaning
  • Bulk anti-ice and salting supply
Example of commercial property garden and lawn maintenence

Commercial Property Enhancements

How is your property working for guests? Do they use outdoor spaces in new ways, or have you discovered that certain landscaped areas are not functioning as they should? Maybe you need a free site assessment and we can take a look.

Now more than ever, we appreciate the outdoors as a place to safely gather, do business, shop and spend time with those we care about. The Land of ELITE can help you upgrade your outdoor spaces to attract business, please visitors and deliver the type of experience that separates you from competitors.

That might include:

  • Landscaping and pool / spa renovations
  • New landscape design
  • Designing and installing a luxury pool with features people expect on vacation
  • Creating inviting seating areas and outdoor gathering spaces
  • Building multi-game courts and putting greens
  • Irrigation design, installation and service
  • Green roofs
  • Water features
  • Site drainage

Add Color With Seasonal Plant Updates

Seasonal transformations breathe new life into outdoor spaces, reflecting nature’s evolving beauty while enhancing your property’s visual appeal. Land of ELITE infuses your landscapes with a dynamic palette of colors tailored to each season. From the fresh blooms of spring to the warm hues of fall, our expert team designs and installs a variety of seasonal plantings that promise to captivate and enchant.

  • Spring: We kickstart the season with an array of bright, welcoming flowers that signal the end of winter.
  • Summer: As temperatures rise, we shift to heat-tolerant species that maintain their vibrancy and lushness throughout the hottest months. 
  • Fall: Embracing the rich palette of autumn, our fall displays feature a mix of annuals and perennials that transform your property into a reflection of the season’s warmth. 
  • Winter: Your property can exude charm and color even in the coldest months. 

In addition to seasonal flower beds, our services include customizable container plantings and entryway designs that welcome guests with a burst of color and life. These strategically placed accents are not just decorations; they express your property’s personality and are a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Partner with Land of ELITE to transform your commercial or residential property into a vibrant showcase, no matter the season. Our attention to detail and passion for landscaping excellence ensure that your outdoor spaces will leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

Out with the Old—Plant Replacement

It’s hard to say goodbye. Our landscapes age, too, and you want to make thoughtful choices about how you replace plants on your commercial property so they will thrive on your site’s microclimate, and deliver the beauty and return-on-investment you expect.

Our experienced team of horticulturalists can evaluate plants and identify those that are requiring more care and potentially driving up the cost of maintenance. Sometimes plants need a “wellness plan” (like our pruning services or tree/shrub care), and other times they need to be replaced. We’ll help you navigate the decision.

  • Thorough site assessment
  • Plant recommendations from our horticulturists
  • A long-term planting plan to set the stage for healthy, future growth

Specialty Garden Design and Installation

Community gardens and public spaces that allow guests to plant, pick and enjoy are an asset to your commercial property. But the dirty work of creating a garden can be an obstacle. Let us help. Specialty gardens are an emerging landscape feature that gives guests something to talk about. The possibilities go on, but here are some ideas:

  • Community garden
  • Organic garden
  • Rock garden
  • Rose garden
  • Water garden
  • Victorian garden
  • Edible garden
Outdoor Christmas and holiday decor for commercial property

Holiday & Event Decorating

Let there be lights—and more! Give guests, residents and anyone who visits your site a reason to celebrate with award-winning commercial holiday decorating services. The Land of ELITE decks the halls year-round for special occasions and major holidays. We’ll also store and preserve your decor, and our creative designers can guide the way.

  • Indoor and outdoor outdoor holiday decor
  • Specialty displays for all seasons and events
  • Color-changing lights to customize for any occasion

Enhance Your Commercial Property’s Appeal

Revitalize and Innovate

Discover the potential of your outdoor spaces with enhancements that attract business and delight visitors. From landscaping overhauls and pool renovations to the creation of inviting seating areas and active spaces, we’re here to turn your vision into reality. Seasonal touches and holiday decorations add that extra flair, keeping your property vibrant and engaging throughout the year.

Tailored Solutions to Challenges

Prepare for every season with our snow and ice management strategies, designed to keep your property accessible and safe, regardless of the weather. And when it’s time for a refresh, our plant replacement services and specialty garden creations offer innovative ways to rejuvenate your landscape.

Discover The Land of ELITE Difference

Choosing Land of ELITE means opting for a partner who walks the talk. Our award-winning landscapes and dedicated client base speak volumes of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Let us show you how our bespoke services can elevate your commercial property beyond expectations.

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