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If you (like many people who’ve never met us) ever thought our motto “Beyond Expectation℠” was a little hard to believe, then this page is for you. We can understand why you might be reluctant to believe us. But it’s hard to ignore the words of hundreds of our satisfied clients.

Thank you so much ELITE for all that you’ve done for us the past 3-4 years. You helped us out with our numerous problems which are greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help in the past and for always being honest with us.


“I wanted to take a moment and write to you to tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for my family and me. I don’t know how I could ever thank you for all you and your guys did for me. You were with me all the way explaining everything in every step. Your guys were so polite and if I had any question for them they also walked me through the explanation. You have a great staff and I will recommend you to anyone and everyone n thank you again for all of your help.”

Vincent O

“Installing the spa with Elite was by far the easiest and most rewarding project ‘we have done around the house. The landscape design and materials are all top notch. That said the stand out element without doubt is your people. Every person was professional and courtesy and met all our needs. We are enjoying the spa and all is going well. The kids, back from college for winter break, were very pleased to find the spa was up and running. Our house was a popular destination for many of their friends. you and the team went beyond our expectations. Thank You Elite.”

Frank Bonanno

“We just wanted to drop a line to let you all know how pleased we are with the work you performed at our house. The patios and landscaping are beautiful the spa has been a hit from the day you said we could use it. I don’t think that a day has gone by where it has not been used. Our children and their friends are enjoying it as much as Sherry and me. I would also like to thank every person who was involved in the project as they all were very professional and courteous. I can not remember when I have seen a crew arrive at the job site and work from the time they arrived until the time thy left each day. A great bunch of guys. Once again. We want to thank everyone ror a great job. Should we have future projects you will be hearing from us.”

Sherry and Tom Lutz

“At this point, we have met with a few different landscape architects and design firms and we have been the most impressed with you. We wanted to thank you as we are very excited about the prospects you outlined today and look forward to hopefully working with you to develop a pool for our yard. “

Enin and Dan S

Vicent O

Dear Mr. Katz, I wanted to take a moment and write to you to tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for my family and me. I’ll never forget the day I called you in a panic because of the extreme storms our area received and the water that our house took in. After I spoke to you, you told me not to worry you would be to the house in an hour or so. Once you arrived to the house, you evaluated the water damage and assured me not to worry, you would get the water to stop. You started the job. With antecipation with more rain on the way, you had the guys move quickly to ensure no more water entered the house. You and your crew worked through the storm in mud and all. Whithin a few days it all was completed and NO MORE WATER!. Thank you again for your help. Sincerely,

Vicent O

David, I knew you were creative, but didn’t realize just how artistic you were. Elite managed to transform my dreary backyard into a dreamy paradise. My stresses from the day totally evaporate when I step into my backyard now as I feel I am sitting in the middle of a country home in France or Italy! A grateful thank you to you and Louis for all the hard work, imagination, and perfection!

Laurie Cusick

Jennifer & Aaron Segal

With Spring around the corner, we can’t help but think of you, your team and the magnificent work you’ve done. As we approach the one year anniversary of the project’s completion, we wanted to thank you for the happiness it has provided, and share our appreciation for the long term vision and beauty you have brought to the entryway of our home.

Jennifer & Aaron Segal

Dear David & all Elite colleagues, My apology for not writing this note of great appreciation earlier… for our amazingly beautiful pool, our dramatically enhanced backyard, & our new summer lifestyle you’ve made happen for us! My goal is to keep this note short but fully describe my overwhelming satisfaction & outright glee with the pool, process, & your complete and professional delivery across the board! The pool itself — beyond description & any expectation….The Elite Landscaping Client Testimonialentire process was timely, efficient, & very user friendly. You initially described the design — building — landscaping as “turnkey” & indeed it was. No one can believe you did it all! Everyone on the Elite team was elite… …David — I have rarely had the opportunity to work with such a consummate professional. Of course, you delivered what you promised, & in an extremely well communicated, well coordinated, efficient way. That in itself is grounds for high praise. But it is the “extra” steps you take as a part of your business that make it special. You took true ownership of the project from start to finish…. Elite Landscaping Client Testimonial As you can tell, my satisfaction & happiness with our Elite pool & Elite process is enormous! It would be my sincere pleasure to speak with anyone who is considering working with you & the fabulous Elite group. Thanks again!


Amanda and Richard Gentilcore

We have been so delighted with the landscaping work you have done for us in the past and the latest project, our new deck, has proven yet again that you are a true artist. You, with the help of your talented team, have created just the right design for our somewhat awkward and difficult space. Your work consistently exceeds our expectations and we are pleased with the customer service we have received.

Amanda and Richard Gentilcore

Dear David and Staff at ELITE Landscaping, We would like to thank you for the magnificent job you have done with our pool and landscaping. You have transformed our backyard into a paradise retreat. It has made entertaining so enjoyable. Our friends and family are blown away at the work you have done. The design and originality of the pool is amazing with the inclusion of the waterfall off of the existing wall was ingenious. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this major renovation. We appreciate the attention and speed at getting the pool completed in time for us to enjoy it this summer. People that first see this space can not believe we just had it done. It comes together so well, you think it has been here for sometime. We also enjoyed dealing with your staff. They were very friendly and attentive to our needs. Your immediate response to our calls was also appreciated and we would recommend you to others in the future. Sincerely,

The Lando’s

Roy J. Wood, Jr.

Dear David, I am writing this mail to try to sum up in words our experiences the past 1½ years as well as to thank you for an incredible result with our landscaping projects. To be honest, I did not know a thing about you when we met for the first time. My wife Jeanette found your web site to be well constructed, and we decide to have a visit to get to know you. We had been scarred by many bad experiences with contractors over the past 8 years, and were initially very skeptical on any promises that were made. To be honest, I was at first amused at your declaration of going, “beyond our expectations” in whatever project we would pursue. I had heard it all before. By the end of the first meeting, however, I knew that you offered something different. I sensed right away that you had 3 qualities that were just lacking in all the other contractors we have dealt with in the past: Creativity, Honesty, and Professionalism. Your plans for our pool area and the areas around our house were truly beyond what we ever imagined. You were very upfront about the cost – even to the point of undercharging us when the material bill for our decorative stone was higher than expected. In addition, you and your staff were always a pleasure deal with on every level. Although these three qualities are rare for the contracting business in general, your true differentiator is your care for your customers. We never had to worry about getting a run-around story from you. You were always frank, polite, and proactive. We knew you truly wanted our job to exceed our expectations, and our daily interaction with you and your team proved that. We not only appreciate you going “above and beyond” with the final result, but also in working tremendous long hours in excruciating heat to finish our job before the big party we had planned for months. There are many individual cases where we were amazed at your follow-up, but one that really sticks out in our mind. On July 4th weekend, we woke up to no water in our house. Not knowing who to turn to in this desperate situation we called you. Within an hour on a holiday you were at our house and quickly found the problem that was totally unrelated to the work you were doing. My wife and I were both blown away at this – and recognized how truly lucky we were to have found you. We would be pleased to serve as a reference for you in any capacity. Although we do not have pictures of our site that truly capture the feel of your work, please feel free to bring prospects over for a look. The results are amazing – it is exactly what we were looking for, and has become the showcase of our home. We look forward to working with you on future creative projects. Kind regards,

Roy J. Wood, Jr.

David & the staff at elite: The months have passed, and the seasons have rolled by, and it’s hard to believe how beautiful our yard looks all the time. Our sloping, crumbling landscape has been transformed into an enjoyable space where we can relax and entertain. As you know, we ‘discovered’ you off your website At first glance, it’s hard to believe everything that you claim can be true. “Beyond Expectation℠” is a catchy slogan but in reality I did not think that was possible. After all, expectations in these jobs are high. I’m happy to say it was not an idle boast by you…

Tim McCarthy

Dear David, Mr. Webster defines “elite” as the “best or most skilled members of a group”. Your organization is certainly worthy of that phrase. ELITE’s efforts on our behalf have demonstrated your professionalism and creativity. We look forward to working with you and your crew in the future.

Elite Landscaping Client Testimonial Dear Dave, As usual, I’m thrilled. You are the best! Thanks also for the Miss Kims. I can’t wait til Spring!

Hi, Please fill in the proper amount and let us know how much it was so we can enter it in the checkbook. Thanks for everything! The patio and landscaping look better than I had imagined!

Thank You! They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we hope the enclosed photo’s let you know how thrilled we are with the major enhancement to our home. Your team was a pleasure to work with and we are very happy with the results. The biggest thrill is the constant flow of compliments as others admire our home. Many Thanks!

Thank you for a wonderful job. (Patio) We all love it!!!

Dear David: Just a.brief note to let you know how pleased we are with your work on both our Greenwich and Manhattan homes. We have received many compliments from our friends and neighbors regarding the beauty of the entrance gates and front yard in Greenwich and the magical transformation of the ugly terraces in our Manhattan apartment into beautiful garden spaces. It is a pleasure to deal with someone who not only has the creative ability to translate a client’s idea into a beautiful design but also the ability to begin and complete construction on a reasonable schedule and with maximum regard for the well-being of the client. We have been involved in several major construction and decorating projects over the last several years and can state, without equivocation, that the service which you provide is truly exceptional. Anyone who thinks that the charges which you quote are high, has simply not experienced the true cost of dealing with the typical architect or designer who promises everything but delivers very little without alot of excuses, delays and extra costs. Thank you very much for all of your effort. We would be pleased to be a reference for new clients.

Dear David: We want to thank you for the wonderful job done by ELITE on our front yard and entry. Your company was a true pleasure to work with. Everyone we had contact with was polite and professional. The men on the job each day, so competently led by DL, were curteous and diligent. We especially appreciated everyone’s efforts to complete the new walkway in time for our trick-or-treaters! We are so thrilled with our new look. It is unique and beautifill and we feel truly satisfied each time we see it. Thank you for that and for the opportunity to work with such an outstanding company. Your talent, attention, attitude, and professionalism, David, is to be commended. We look forward to working with you again in the fixture.

Dear David, I appreciate your follow-up phone call regarding the work your men did here yesterday. Everything looks just fine. Beyond that, I should say how much I have enjoyed our years of doing business with you. Professionally you have given us top-notch service and developed a landscape that is our joy every day. Personally we have come to value the friendship that has grown out of our business association. Our special thanks for the “extras” you threw in that were above and beyond our contractual agreement. Hope you have a great year.

Dear David, Although it is still winter, it is not too early to write and tell you how much we have already enjoyed the landscaping you performed on our property last November. Both of us have enjoyed our new surroundings every time we walk the yard. Even in it’s immature and unblossoming condition, the plantings have lent a feeling of privacy and intimacy to the yard. Each area you planted assumes it’s own uniqueness. Ordinary walks through the yard now contain interesting discoveries, uniquely inviting walkways and areas whose interest changes as it is approached from different angles. We can hardly stand the anticipation of spring as we imagine what new wonders the landscaping will offer. Whatever spring brings, I would like to tell you that we are already pleased beyond our expectations with the work you performed. The special imagination and creativity of your plan as it unfolds into a mature landscape, is going to give us a lifetime of pleasure. I would like add that our relationship with you and your workers was also special. Your responsiveness and consideration could serve as a model for anyone in business. We appreciate your willingness to listen to our concerns and your honest responses at every turn of the way. As people who insist on quality, I was delighted to find your own standards to be uncompromising in satisfying your own and our standards. Your on-site supervisor, D.L., was an equal delight to work with. He obviously reflects the high standards you hold for your firm. In addition he was personable and sensitive and professional to a fault. I hope we will, at a later date, be able to use your services again, in the meantime, you and D.L. are always invited to stop by and admire the landscaping!

Dear David: I am writing to tell you how delighted we are with the deck, patio, landscaping and lighting you did at our home. Don succeeded in transforming an unusable hill into a magnificent recreational area which we have already used for numerous parties and gatherings. Everyone who sees it cannot stop raving about the magnificent job ELITE has done. Not only are the deck, steps and patio works of art in themselves, but by adding the two rock benches and the position that you placed the various components, everything blends in perfectly with the stonewall and existing rocks which had previously been an eyesore on our property. Of course, the positioning of the lighting illuminates everything perfectly at night. I cannot thank you enough for the magnificent job that you have done. Please feel free to use us as a reference for anyone considering using ELITE Landscaping. I hope that the new year brings you all of the jobs and success you deserve.

Dear Debbie, David and crew, We just got some wedding pictures back and wanted to share them with you. Later the snow melts we’ll send some for your files. We are so happy with it. Beautiful! Thank you so much again! Sincerely, The Van Voorhos Family

Dear David: We want to thank you and your crew for the wonderful work done on our backyard. It is not only beautiful, but functional, and we are thrilled with the outcome. You took an unsightly rock covered area and turned it into a thing of beauty. Your people are very courteous and friendly and would go out of their way to accommodate us. They were a pleasure to have around. Thank you again, and we are looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Dear David, On behalf of the student body, and the staff of the Glenham Elementary School let me extend my sincerest appreciation and compliments for the landscaping project you recently completed. The design greatly enhances the total appearance of the school and will be enjoyed by students, employees and visitors for many years to come. Your generous donation of time to design and carry out the project along with obtaining significant reductions in the cost of materials is gratefully acknowledged. Your support of the Glenham School and the community it serves is to be commended.

Dear David, We just wanted to thank you & your staff for an outstanding job. You have created atropical paradise in our front garden. I never enjoyed the front of my house as much as I do now. After coming home from a long day at work I find myself seating in the front garden totally relaxed. Being an interior designer your forsight and imagination caught my interest. This is what set you aside from other design landscapers. You are truly a professional in your field. I was thrilled you were able to stay within our budget and work with us, without compromising on the design and layout. Working with people to meet their needs is what will continue to make you a success. We are looking forward to working with you and your staff in our future landscaping and maintenance endeavors.

Dear David, Roger and I would like to thank you for the fabulous stone work and landscaping. The outcome is even nicer than we expected. Also, we were very impressed with the way your workers took extra care in all aspects of the job and were always available to answer questions and concerns. They are truly a group of professionals. We look forward to getting the outdoor furniture, thank you for your help and input, and using our new stone BBQ.

Dear David, This letter is long overdue. For a month I have been promising myself that I would write to thank you for the pleasure you have given Bill and I with your wonderful landscape design-garden. Every eveing when we come home the beauty of what you have created restores our inner peace after a crazy day at work. We were astonished at the pace your operations manager and crew kept. They are to be commended for their work ethic, courtesy and overall high skill level. Building this house has been a painful process. As I said to you once and will say again you were the best part of the whole process. What you said you would do, you did. You started on time and finished on time. Everyone who has seen it has commented on your skill in transforming an ungainly piece of property into a cohesive and beautiful landscape. Thank you.

To David and all ELITE Hands, The House on Chino Pond looks spectacular. It is a sight to behold and nourishment to my soul. Thank you for all your efforts towards this end. How surely is the time to take some photos.

Good Morning Dave: Often times during our busy day, one forgets to take time out and just say ” thank you “. It has now been one year since we moved into our new home. Debbie and I were taking a walk last night, and we stood back and thought … We spent eight months working with our architect and interior designer, putting all our efforts and thoughts into the interior and exterior structure of the house. Then one day, about six months into construction, we realized we forgot about the outside and landscaping. We had to blast the property for three months and it was a total mess – rock and trees all over. That night while waiting for pizza in a local restaurant, I was reading Spotlight magazine and noticed your advertisement. The following day we spoke and met later on that week. A month later you came back with the most spectacular plan we have ever seen. And two months later you finished turning our home into a masterpiece. We had spent several months interviewing architects, builders and interior designers and feel very lucky to meet you through a pizza restaurant. That night, I was walking with Debbie we decided to take some pictures and show you how beautiful the property really looks. We also found some old pictures showing the property before and during construction. Many thanks for making our home so beautiful”!

Dear David: Thank you very much for stopping by last week to see my new landscaping. I was glad to meet you after hearing the people who worked here talk about how highly they regard you and what a privilege it is to work for you. The job your people did here exceeded my expectations in every aspect. In the past five years at least ten professional landscapers have given proposals and estimates for the front of my house. Only your designer suggested changing the front walk, which I now believe was the essence of the problem. Mr. Higgins showed true creative flair in his concept for this house. Also, I was constantly amazed at the care each person took with his part of the job. Nobody ever cut corners or left something for me to do. It would be a different world if everyone did his job with the dedication and skill exhibited by your people. I am sure that the value of my property has increased by at least as much, if not more than, the amount I spent. I’ll certainly contact ELITE first for any future outdoor projects.

Dear Mr. Katz and Staff, We want to write and personally thank you for taking us from mounds of dirt in the back of our new house to a visual and useable wonderland of brick and stone patios, walkways, fencing, and landscaping. Your perception and design, taking into consideration our personal family usage needs, likes, dislikes, quality, and affordability, has pleased us beyond words. We recognize and thank you for the numerous times you have been to our location to help lay out the entire project. You were kind enough to help lay out the location of our inground pool and work with the pool company on our behalf. You have even make a special trip to our location to lay out the position of our outdoor pole light at the front of our house so it can be incorporated in the future landscaping plan. We would like to thank Jeffrey and his staff for their quality workmanshIp, patience, cooperation, friendliness, politeness, and keeping the entire sight neat and clean at all times. It has meant a great deal to us to be able to contact you day, night, early morning or weekends. You have always been extremely prompt in responding to our phone calls. You made us feel as if every phone call was important and that you valued us as clients. It was refreshing and almost unique to be told several times that we were the client and that you would work with us within our budget and in phases to attain our final landcaping goal. We have accomplished a lot with you this year. We are looking forward to working with you again in early spring to continue our landscaping projects. We feel you offer us the quality we want and feel very comfortable working with you. It is a pleasure to enjoy the beauty you have created for us on our property. We enjoy sharing it with others. We look forward to working with you again in the spring.

Dear David, MAGNIFICENT! This is not an overstatement of the work done on our property. When my husband Rich first spoke to me about the landscaping to be done on our property, he was very impressed by your reputation. I really was not in the best frame of mind after a very bad experience with a contractor during the renovation of our new home. I measured you and the work you suggested every inch of the way. I did not have any confidence or trust left in me. I want to thank you for restoring my trust. You have a beautiful, God-given gift and I am gratefal for benefiting from it. Your integrity, creativity, honesty, and sensitivity to the needs of others showed in everything you did. I commend you on your crew. They were polite, respectful, caring, neat and very hard workers. I am truly amazed at the ideas you had for the front and back driveways, the plantings, the sprinkler system, the patio and the lighting is unbelievable. Last night, I re-read the book of comments you originally gave us before starting the project. When I first read it, I felt you probably had you family write it. I really did not believe a word of it. I now understand that every word of it was true. You have created a wonderland, and the compliments we have received are more than you can imagine. I waited to write because, I just didn’t have the words to describe the feelings. It was not that I didn’t want to write. David, you can add us to your book. Whoever reads this, will not believe it anymore than I did, and then you will be available when we need you. You were even right about using glass enclosure around the deck. (I hated to admit that one)

David, It’s been just about a year since the completion of bluestone walkways and patios for our house and we could not be more pleased. Our outdoor space has become so much more usable and the entire project has turned out much better that we had planned. Rita and I had initially considered other firms for the project but we were swayed by the creativeness of your ideas and quality of construction that you offered. The strength of your design concept and workmanship is even more apparent as the surrounding plantings fill in. As you promised, the crew worked fast and neatly with no disruption to our schedules. It was a pleasure not having to worry about the thousands of details involved in such an undertaking. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference in the future.

Dear David, This letter is long overdue but the subject has been on Bonni’s and my mind for quite awhile because it is something that has become part of our daily lives. You and your staff have managed to create an environment for us to live in that has served the many purposes that we asked you to provide for us. Whether it was our first project, the indoor atrium garden, or the fantasyland you have placed in our backyard, you have given us a place to escape from the stress and routine of everyday life. I cannot say enough about the creativity, professionalism and especially the follow through and support services that you and your crew have provided during these past three years that you have worked with us. We feel that you have truly become part of our household and that is a very good feeling. It is nice to know that from the time I call your office and my voice is recognized, to the time my payment is received with a genuine appreciation for our business, there isn’t a stage of your service that is not handled well. The true test of any business is in its customer satisfaction and continued loyalty. We could not imagine doing anything to our property with anyone other than ELITE and have not hesitated telling other people how we feel. We look forward to our next project together and our only worry is what we will do when we are finally finished. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Dear Mr. Katz: We are now in our second Summer living with our “outdoor environment by ELITE”, and every time we step out of the house we marvel at what you and your associates have wrought. Starting with a small, open lot without character or privacy, you have created an idyllic sanctuary – patio, seating areas and magnificent plantings – that several of our neighbors have described as “having your own private park.” I am thoroughly convinced that the ingenuity and creativity you personally brought to the project, and the skill and care exercised by D.L. Johnson and his installation crew, would be nigh on impossible to replicate elsewhere. In short, you did what you said you would, and did it when you said you would, in this hectic world, very few entities meet that criteria – you and your associated can, and should, be proud of your accomplishments. We now spend many peaceful outdoor hours in the midst of a profusion of trees, shrubs, and flowers. And those flowers are glorious – a never-ending sequence of color, each wave even more glorious than the last. We consistently find ourselves eagerly anticipating what is yet to come. We close with a simple thank you – for bringing so much beauty and serenity to our every-day life.

To David Katz, A great Landscape Artist!

Dear Dave, We wanted to let you know how much we love the patio and landscaping you designed and installed last spring. We spent more time out there last summer than we have in the past 5 years put together. It’s amazing how the patio increased the living space of our house. And we are enjoying watching the plants come back this spring, growing and blooming, filling our yard with color. We’d also like to extend our thanks to D.L. Johnson, who installed and coordinated the work. He was a pleasure to work with – our son, who was 3 at the time, was determined build patios and decks and work with D.L. when he grew up! Thanks for turning our dreary, little-used backyard into the focal point of our yard, and the envy of our neighbors!

Dear David: Just a short note to tell you how satisfied both Adrienne and I are with the project you recently completed for us. I take great pride in my home. The work you and your staff provided has added immeasurably to the degree of satisfaction that I feel every time I view your efforts. Your professionalism and dedication to excellence is consistent with the approach that I employ in running my business and that which I seek when I am the buyer. I particularly appreciated the fact that you never made me feel that your recommendations were made strictly to increase the cost of the job. Your suggestions were reasonable, responsible and always with the goal of enhancing the final product. I think its important to mention once again the contribution of “DL”. His craftsmanship and attitude made our daily contact with him a memorable aspect of the process. Your continued success is assured by your dedication to satisfying totally the expectations and aspirations of those fortunate enough to harness your imagination and integrity.

Dear David: It seems ridiculous to have to commend a contractor for completing his Job satisfactorily. However, it appears that in a time when economics are poor many contractors feel that they provide a personal favor to the consumer rather than a service. Instead of an appreciation for the business the companies abuse the customer with poor workmanship and lack of respect for their properties. In light of such circumstances, I feel compelled to write this letter in appreciation for all the work ELITE has most recently completed at my home. I cannot express how happy we are with the results. Your crew by far exceeds any that has worked at my home, and in completing new construction ther have been many workers here. Quite simmply, everyone was great! I am always impressed that when I need to reach you my phone calls are always returned. You have never made me feel that my questions are a bother. This is rare! Even the women in the office are consistantly friendly and helpful. From beginning to end dealing with ELITE has been a pleasure. Once again, thank you. ELITE’s superior quality of design and service certainly stand alone.

Dear David, The purpose of this letter is to let you know how much we love the new backyard environment which you created and built for us this past fall. The original design you presented was quite unique and different compared to the other contractors we interviewd, and the end product clearly exceeded even our wildest expectations. Without question, it is truly spectacular. Everyone we have over who has had the opportunity to enjoy the new backyard with us are somewhat awestuck. To them it looks like the backyard to some mansion. We also want to say that the crew was both friendly and professional, and have been very good at following up on the little things. From start to finish, it was a pleasure to have them here. We also hope that you too will want to show our work as an example of what the combination of your creativity and the superior craftmanship of your professional staff can accomplish. We will also continue to recommend you to our close friends as well as using you for other projects at our home. Thanks again for a great job.

Dear Dave: I just realized that we have been working together for three years. This letter is long over due. Our first design meeting regarding our slate patio was inspirational. Your ideas were terrific and quite honestly, a layout that enhanced the character of our home. Once we commenced work the next spring, both Jode and I were impressed with the quality of workmanship and the consideration given our daily lives. What impressed me the most Dave, was your interaction with me regarding any questions or concerns I had as the project progressed. Needless to say, the patio construction proceeded flawlessly. All of our concerns were handled in an exemplary fashion. The next year, we landscaped the patio area. Again, you had terrific ideas. The plantings, now maturing, add even greater character to our home. In fact, we had guests visit from England and they commented how our gardens looked “oh so English.” Now to keep an English garden, you need plenty of water. The sprinkler system you installed protected our investment and even kept our grass alive throughout this drought striken summer. The path lights and the spots bath the house in white light. The neighbors comment how our home looks like a “Westchester Mansion.” All the accolades go to you, Dave, and your staff. This year, with my back problems, we were in need of a hot tub, purely for medicinal purposes. We didnt think twice about where to go to find one. We were confident that you would provide us with the model, quality and installation that would make us happy. Well, we have had many hours of enjoyment in our hot tub, and my back is much improved. Thank you very much. Additionally, the landscaping surrounding the hot tub is in keeping with our English garden theme. Dave, your help with our heating oil tank this past winter was way beyond the call of duty. I am truly in your debt. You are a pleasure to do business with and I’m proud to call you a friend. Keep up the good work and thank you for creating a unique outdoor environment at our home. I look forward to working with you on our next project.

Dear Dave and Jeffery: It was more than a pleasure dealing with ELITE; it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Initially when ELITE was called for a quotation and a proposal, your receptionist made us feel very important, as if she really cared about us, the possible prospective customer. Then, you, DAVID, in your own soft spoken way, came to review the work and give us a quotation. You made us understand what you intended to do, exactly what shrubs and other materials you would use, and sketched out a proposal as to what the brick path, shrubs, lights, rocks and ground cover would look like so that we could literally envision it. A few weeks later, JEFFREY, you came and started to work. You were extremely easy to work with; you worked very hard and diligently from start to finish, and the job itself was commenced and finished on a timely basis. To say that we were pleased is an understatement. We were literally thrilled. The completed job was more than our expectations. It was finished magnificently, and we can not stop looking at it with admiration. Normally, when it comes to paying for a job, it is some what repugnant, but in this case, we enclose our check for #####, representing the entire balance due, gladly, because we are that satisfied with every aspect of the work done and ELITE’s entire staff of employees who were kind, cooperative and understanding. You can be sure that if we need any further work, or should neighbors and friends require any work of this kind done, we will think of ELITE and readily recommend you. We have a lot of confidence in your company and appreciate the professional manner in which you handled every phase of our job.

Tom and Cathy Giegerich

David Katz ELITE Landscaping, Inc. R.R.#6 Robinson Lane Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 Dear Dave: We have been intending for some time to send you this testimonial. Of course, one fairly can observe it is all the more a testimonial that we are doing this 2 1/2 years into our working relationship with you -long enough to see the landscaping plan “grown in, ” and long enough to have had some hiccups along the way, which you readily and professionally addressed. There can be no doubt that there has been an utter transformation of the property. The pool is beautifully integrated into its surroundings. We will admit to having been skeptical on the front end of the project but, when all was said and done, the various changes to the pitch and grade of the yard that seemed jarring in the “construction” phase now appear subtle to the point of imperceptible. The changes to the approach to the house were dramatic as well, and hard for us to visualize in the abstract, but we are very happy with the end result. Every time we pull up the driveway (particularly at night, when the lighting you installed frames the picture), we are struck by how much your redesign of the front yard brings out our home’s charm and warmth. Finally, and importantly, the members of your staff have always been friendly and polite, and eager to address any small questions or problems that we bring up with them. Not only do we get a person (as opposed to an answering machine) when we call your office, we get Barbara -ever cheerful, always diligent and wonderfully easy-going. Paul and George and their crews are similarly friendly and responsive. They work quickly and efficiently and never fail to clean up when the day is done. It has been a pleasure having them work around the property. Please do not hesitate to give our name as a reference. Sincerely,

Tom and Cathy Giegerich

David: LOVING the patio to say the least. We have received many compliments on the beauty and workmanship. I am out there almost every day swinging in a hammock we put up. Friends love having a drink out there on a Friday night. There is always an open invitation for you to come join us. Thanks so much for checking in with us and I’m sure we’ll be calling again in the next year or so. Hey, the ELITE sign is still up. People think we own the business or something. Sincerely,

Alison Smith

Charles & Harriet Ray

Dear Dave & Staff, Some words of thanks for a job well done concerning our extended deck and patio. We are delighted to finally have a place to entertain and enjoy the seasonal weather. Your gift of creativity has been a blessing to us by captivating our ideas with a perfect design that compliments our taste and lifestyle. Your pleasant manner and enthusiasm made us relax and confident about the outcome of the project. We felt comfortable with your staff who really worked hard and was always polite and respectful. Your work has caused lots of talk and admiration and we are feeling very proud and satisfied in choosing you for this project. Thanks again for a job well done. Sincerely,

Charles & Harriet Ray

Scott & Nadine Einiger Montebello NY David Katz ELITE Landscaping Inc. RR # 6, Robinson Lane Wappinger Falls, NY 12590 Dear David: Our family is thrilled with the design of our beautiful circular drive and landscaping. It has truly enhanced the front of our home and we really love the artistry you brought to the project. We look forward to working together with you on many projects in the future. We also owe you a special thank you. We so appreciate how you went out of your way to make sure everything was done correctly…even on the work of others. Our builder correctly laid the pipes around our home only because you identified the cause of the problem. You didn’t have to get involved but you did and we thank you. Sincerely,

Nadine, Scott, Rory and Samantha

Hey Dave,
Just wanted to thank you again for all the time and effort you have already put into my yard. Every time you do a project for us it reminds me again why I “patiently and good-naturedly” (HA HA) wait for you. You always take the time to listen to my concerns and ideas and then implement them beautifully. Even with the mud, no lawn and generally shabby condition of the area in which you are working — the trees look great. Already they provide a natural screen from the street and I know that in no time they will feel like they’ve always been there! Andy’s’ first comment upon returning home was that the trees look great and “Dave is amazing at what he does.” Thank you for everything and Happy New Year to you, Debbie and the kids. See you Monday… I assume! Sincerely,


Dear David, I spoke with Debbie today and understand the charges, will send a check out to you tomorrow. We both want to thank you for the creative design and workmanship on this project, it has really enhanced the look of our home. We appreciated your attention to detail and professionalism as well as that of your staff. We are now ready for the winter and I actually am looking forward to trying that snow blower! By the way, the up-lights look awesome. All the best,

Marie and Ron Antonelli

Dear David, That sounds like a good plan; I’ll cut the lines this weekend. Thanks for your patience and efforts on this project: I just want you to know that the landscaping and the pool in particular bring me quite a bit of joy and satisfaction. I was out there the other night and the moon was full, and mist was coming off the fountain. The landscaping makes a perfect setting for the sculpture, which looks absolutely magical at night with the lighting. The lighting makes the whole experience of viewing the landscaping, the tress, and bushes wonderfully mysterious and beautiful in a way that is a delightful surprise! Thanks,


David, To take a page from your book – Plants grow over time. They will always be with you and each year they will grow and mature more. They are something I see every morning when I wake up and see every night before I go to bed. You will always be part of the family!!! I want to say it was the best investment I ever made – at least from an enjoyment perspective – but Stacey would get jealous!! ( maybe it was because my best investment because Stacey still continues to cost me every month.!!!!) Yea, Yea. I know The pool will top it all. –I’ll save you the e-mail to remind me about the pool!!! We will do the pool as soon as I can have enough to pay for it. The market is above 10,000 and business continues to be great. I know you need much advance notice, so when I have a better time frame you will be the man I contact. I’m going to write a letter for your web site or just for you so you can use us as I referral source. If you ever have any one sitting on the fence that needs to talk to a doubtful client- Stacey was more doubtful than I-please have them call us. Remember when we said, how about just doing the front of the house, if it turns out good we will do the back.? You have special talents and visions and you deserve the best. So to Mitchell, Shellee, your wife ( Debra?) and you all the best.


David, Hi, it’s me !! Jackie Przytula………..just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we still get a smile on our faces each time we pull up to our house. Of course, some of that is because we are still thrilled with our new house and its location, but a lot of it is because of the wonderful landscaping job that you and your men did here last summer. I honestly almost never come home without thinking how much I love the way things turned out. The winter was especially beautiful with all of the snow and everything still looks so nice even after such a long and snow filled winter. I hope that things are going well for you and know that you are probably gearing up for your very busy season. I had asked Don to email you a while ago to just say hi and tell you again how happy we are, but he is up to his eyeballs in work, teaching, and taking courses, so I decided to write before too much more time elapsed. We would love to have you and your wife over for coffee one time, if you were free for that at some point. Thanks again for everything and I hope that you send prospective clients to see your handiwork from time to time.. Sincerely,

Jackie Przytula

David, Just a quick note to tell you that the courtyard and gate look terrific! Thanks so much for doing such a good job. I hope you saw the Library Newsletter – we used one of the photos of you hard at work! Thanks again,

Gloria Director East Fishkill Community Library

January 23, 2006:


David, One of the hardest things to find in Dutchess County is reliable work on your house / yard. When I come across somebody as squared away as you, I do not hesitate to give a recommendation. I would be upset with myself if I didn’t refer you to someone looking for home improvement / landscaping. No need for thanks. Your end result is enough thanks for Lily & me. As for Lionel, I think he’s a solid guy – one of my favorite people in Lily’s group. He & Lily are on pretty good terms with one another. His first wife took him to the cleaners. I’m surprised he can afford a new house. I’ll keep your comments close to the vest.


David, After you left yesterday, I turned off the underwater pool lights first and then had an amazing sight. The trees, lighted, reflected in the dark pool. Absolutely stunning! Thanks!