A custom pool by LAND OF ELITE is a luxury asset to your property, and routine pool and spa maintenance will preserve your investment and prevent costly repairs down the road. Not to mention, regular swimming pool cleaning will assure that your pool water is pristine, healthy and inviting. For the best results, we suggest weekly maintenance by a certified pool technician.

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Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Spend time enjoying your pool—not cleaning it. LAND OF ELITE pool maintenance includes: 

  • Balancing chemicals needed and assuring the ideal pH level
  • Filter cleaning and changing 
  • Diagnosing and treating water issues
  • Detecting and fixing leaks 
  • Cleaning the pool floor and tile surround 
  • Skimming debris
  • Assuring proper water levels

Proactive Pool Repairs and Maintenance

Pool equipment repairs can leave you at the sideline when you should be enjoying your pool. Our certified pool technicians monitor mechanicals like pool heaters, lighting, filters, saltwater chlorination systems and other technology. Rather than waiting for a break, we identify potential issues and can advise on upgrades and replacements so you can budget accordingly and avoid time out of the water.

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Pool Opening and Closing

Prepare for the swimming season with pool opening services that include power washing, chemical balancing and water testing. We’ll drain dirty water, remove any debris that builds up during winter, inspect filtration equipment and fill the pool so it’s ready to use. In fall, LAND OF ELITE will properly put your pool to bed for winter by draining it to the appropriate level, treating pool water, draining and dismantling equipment, winterizing piping, cleaning components and installing a winter cover. We even offer a pool care service program to maintain your pool or spa throughout the winter to avoid expensive repairs in the spring and future years and get maximum life out of your equipment, surfaces and tile.

Self-Cleaning Pools

LAND OF ELITE installs in-floor pool cleaning and circulation systems that drastically reduce pool maintenance. Beyond cleaning, these systems circulate water and chemicals, which reduces chemical evaporation and saves money. Ask us about the Paramount in-floor cleaning system and how this, plus our regular maintenance, will preserve your pool for the long-term.

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Enjoy Your Pool—We’ll Handle the Maintenance

LAND OF ELITE’s experienced certified pool technicians can perform weekly maintenance, pool opening and closing, along with equipment upgrades and replacements. As a pool service company with many years of expertise, we’ll help you avoid costly repairs and make the most of your investment. Our team can manage as much or little of your pool maintenance as you prefer. Ask us about weekly maintenance or custom pool services based on your needs. 

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