Beautiful backyard pool concept image for planning a Pool in PoughkeepsiePlanning a pool in Poughkeepsie, NY is a great way to create an oasis right at home. Now more than ever, home is a haven where we relax, gather — and spend a lot more time. During the past few years, many of us have considered how we use indoor and outdoor spaces, and ways to maximize their comfort, function and appearance. Rather than traveling to a resort or making reservations at a high-end restaurant, you can have a top-shelf experience without leaving your property. One way to achieve this? Just add water.

Now is an ideal time to plan for pool design and construction. On average, the design phase can take 4 to 6 weeks. Depending upon your municipality, permitting can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months. And, it can take up to 4 months to build a luxury swimming pool and spa, depending on the features and finishes you select. All of that may sound pretty overwhelming but the process is seamless when you partner with a design-build firm that specializes in outdoor living environments, including custom pools and spas. At Land of ELITE, pool construction is highly creative and technical. Attention to detail is a must.

What should you expect when adding a pool to your Poughkeepsie property? The basic pool construction steps include:

  • Pool planning and design
  • Obtaining a pool permit
  • Site preparation and excavation
  • Pool construction
  • Utilities: plumbing, gas and electric
  • Adding a pool deck, fencing if required, landscaping and other enhancements
  • Assuring your New York pool meets code with a final inspection

Of course, there are many “sub-steps” that occur, and the process is quarterbacked by an account manager, so all you have to do is watch your vision come to life. As you dream up possibilities, prepare to be inspired! Here are some ways Land of ELITE is dramatically enhancing the outdoor living experience with swimming pools on New York properties near you.

Luxurious Design Ideas – Planning a Pool in Poughkeepsie

A Natural Fit — Elegant Pools that Blend with Surroundings

Capitalize on stunning views or woodsy, natural surroundings with a pool that complements the vistas from your property. Finishes like Pebble Tec aggregate can be customized with beads and glass. Incorporating a rock grotto into the pool design with a waterfall is another organic approach that makes a pool feel as if it were always there. We also take into account existing landscaping and structures, including hardscaping that can help inform materials selections.


Elegant pool blending with nature.

Modern Luxury Pool — a Sleek Appeal

A modern, Euro-style pool with clean lines might include features like an infinity edge or graduated beach entry are some ways our clients achieve a modern look. Another contemporary design is a deck-level pool, also known as a perimeter-overflow pool. It appears to have a vanishing edge with water spilling over the edge into a subterranean filter system. The look is minimalist yet sophisticated.


Modern luxury pool with accent lightings.

Special Effects — Pool Automation and Lighting

Modern pool automation includes systems that allow you to remotely control water temperature, lighting, pool cleaning and functions like rolling back a pool cover. Beyond cost-savings on utilities and convenience, automation features enhance your experience. LED lighting systems are easy to use and allow you to cue up different colors and effects — really set the mood.


Modern pool with automation and lighting by LAND OF ELITE.

Beyond the Pool — Resort Style Outdoor Living

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen with plumbing and refrigeration gives you the same conveniences and necessities you enjoy indoors. Elaborate patio spaces divided into ‘rooms’ allow for dining, lounging and play. Pool houses can function for storage, include a changing room and facilities for guests, and even become a cozy guest retreat. We are also adding fire features like elegant, gas-lit fire tables and fire pit areas, along with incorporating outdoor sound and audio.


Beautiful outdoor pool surrounded by nature.

Get the Pool of Your Dreams

LAND OF ELITE specializes in custom pools that suit your lifestyle and design aesthetic and we will help you in planning a pool in Poughkeepsie.

Ask us for a free site assessment — share your ideas and ask us for ours. As a specialty pool designer and builder, we take pride in constructing the finest projects for residents in Poughkeepsie, NY, and beyond, and helping make your dreams come true with financing opportunities. Contact us today by calling 845-849-2953, or fill out this simple form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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