For New Rochelle, NY residents, Land of ELITE is a beacon of excellence in outdoor living space transformations. With over 38 years of experience as patio, deck and pool contractors, our legacy is built on professionalism, quality, and the ability to consistently exceed client expectations.

From intricately designed hardscape elements like fire pits and retaining walls to quality decks and patios to mesmerizing outdoor lighting features, we ensure every project in our New Rochelle is executed flawlessly. Not just in New Rochelle, NY, but also in Poughkeepsie, NY, and the White Plains area, Land of ELITE is the leading outdoor living space contractor, and we believe in unlocking the potential greatness of every home, both inside and out.

New Rochelle | Let’s transform your outdoor space

Let our team of landscaping and pool professionals take care of your property! Our services will ensure your outdoor living space looks pristine and inviting. Trust the experts at Land of ELITE for all your needs. Let’s get started and bring your outdoor dreams to life!

Land of ELITE – Experience the Difference

Our services span from landscaping, design-build construction and renovation to maintenance services. We pride ourselves on creating cohesive, creative environments that combine functionality with the “WOW” factor.

Our expertise extends to interior and outdoor design-build construction projects, ensuring homeowners can rely on a single company for diverse projects. This holistic approach and our commitment to going “Beyond Expectations℠”sets us apart in the industry.

Experience luxury with a modern home and outdoor pool, crafted by the top outdoor contractor in New Rochelle NY.

Customizable Outdoor Spas and Pools

Dive into luxury with our custom swimming pools and spas. Our certified building and service professionals install and manage each residential or commercial project with meticulous attention to detail and quality. Imagine a stone patio adjacent to a shimmering pool, with ambient outdoor lighting setting the mood for a relaxing evening. Our professional patio builders, backed by countless testimonials from satisfied customers, bring such visions to life, ensuring your paradise in New Rochelle, NY, truly reflects your aspirations.

Luxury, Custom Swimming Pools & Spas

Discover New Rochelle's luxury outdoor living with a majestic pool in natural surroundings.

Create Your Luxury New Rochelle, NY, Outdoor Living Space

Every New Rochelle, NY, homeowner has a unique vision for their yard and outdoor space. At Land of ELITE, we specialize in turning these dreams into reality as a premier outdoor living space contractor. New Rochelle, NY, residents can expect our team to craft functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, from fire pits to arbors and stonework walkways to decks overlooking lush gardens. Our comprehensive services, ranging from landscaping to decks to basement renovations, ensure that homeowners in New Rochelle and beyond receive a seamless experience.

Balconies & Decks

Gardens & Patios

Entries & Walkways

Serene outdoor pool surrounded by nature and peaceful streams, showcasing luxurious outdoor living in New York.

Property Maintenance in New Rochelle

Maintaining the beauty and functionality of a house and its outdoor space is an ongoing commitment. At Land of ELITE, our comprehensive property maintenance solutions cater to residential and commercial New Rochelle properties. Our certified landscape and masonry technicians employ a proactive approach, addressing potential issues before they arise.

From lawn care to stone patio repairs to hardscape installation and upkeep services, we ensure every corner of your property reflects our commitment to excellence. With Land of ELITE, your oasis doesn’t just endure; it thrives.

New Rochelle's premier outdoor living contractor creates a scenic oasis with a pool, pond, and charming bridge.

Snow and Ice Removal & Maintenance in New Rochelle, NY

Winter in New Rochelle can be both beautiful and challenging. As snow blankets the landscape, it requires timely and efficient snow and ice removal. At Land of ELITE, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe and accessible.

Our dedicated team has state-of-the-art machinery and tools to handle even the heaviest snowfalls. Beyond removal, we also offer preventive measures to reduce ice buildup, ensuring walkways, driveways, decks and patios remain slip-free. Our proactive approach and rapid response times ensure that winter’s challenges don’t disrupt your daily life.

Trust in Land of ELITE to keep your property pristine, safe, and accessible all winter.

Proficient operator clearing snow with a large snow plow to maintain safe outdoor areas during winter.

Premier Holiday Decor for New Rochelle

The festive season is a time of joy and celebration, and to transform your NY home into a North Pole wonderland. Land of ELITE’s top-of-the-line professional holiday decor services ensures your entire property shines the brightest in New Rochelle. Our experts craft bespoke decor solutions tailored to your property’s unique architecture and style. We bring your festive vision to life, from twinkling lights to thematic installations. Experience the magic of the holidays with decor that captivates and enchants only with Land of ELITE.

Charming house beautifully decorated with custom Christmas ornaments, capturing the festive spirit with Land of ELITE's holiday decorating expertise.

Design Your Outdoor Oasis and Living Space That Goes “Beyond Expectations℠”

At our company, Land of ELITE, the leading outdoor living space contractor, we’re not just contractors and patio builders; we’re visionaries. Our mission is to help New Rochelle, NY, and the White Plains area’s homeowners realize their dream. From the initial design phase to the final touches, our team does a fantastic job ensuring every project is executed with unmatched professional service and attention to detail. Whether you’re considering a new stone patio, retaining walls, walkways, a deck, or even professional interior renovations like kitchen upgrades, we promise to do an excellent job and go “Beyond Expectations℠. “