Land of ELITE is your premier choice for transforming outdoor living spaces in Pound Ridge, NY, and the neighboring communities of Westchester County. With a legacy spanning over 38 years, we’ve redefined excellence, making dreams come true for homeowners and businesses alike. Our commitment to “Beyond Expectations℠” is not just a slogan; it’s our promise to you.

Experience the Land of ELITE Difference

At Land of ELITE, we see your Pound Ridge property as a blank canvas, waiting to be turned into a masterpiece that mirrors your lifestyle and aspirations. We’re not just building landscapes; we’re crafting experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Our dedication to quality and unmatched service sets us apart.

Pond Ridge | Let’s transform your outdoor space

Let our team of landscaping and pool professionals take care of your property! Our services will ensure your outdoor living space looks pristine and inviting. Trust the experts at Land of ELITE for all your needs. Let’s get started and bring your outdoor dreams to life!

Pools and Spas in Pound Ridge, NY

Imagine the joy of having your private pool or spa in Pound Ridge, where you can unwind or celebrate with family and friends. Our expertise in designing and constructing luxurious, custom swimming pools and spas ensures that your outdoor space becomes a haven of relaxation and fun. From the initial concept to ongoing maintenance, we’re with you every step of the way.

Luxury, Custom Swimming Pools & Spas

Explore this stunning house with a breathtaking outdoor pool and water features, nestled in a picturesque landscape that was transformed by our expert outdoor living space contractor in Pound Ridge NY.

Design and Build Your Custom Pound Ridge, NY, Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor living space in Pound Ridge should be a seamless extension of your home, reflecting your unique taste and lifestyle. Whether it’s a cozy garden patio, an expansive deck for entertaining, or a tranquil balcony to enjoy the view, we offer comprehensive design-build services tailored to your desires. Our team of skilled designers and builders will transform your vision into reality, creating spaces that resonate with your lifestyle in Pound Ridge.

Balconies & Decks

Gardens & Patios

Entries & Walkways

Explore this stunning house with a breathtaking outdoor pool in a picturesque landscape transformed by an outdoor living space contractor in Pound Ridge NY.

Property Maintenance in Pound Ridge

Maintaining the beauty of your property in Pound Ridge is our priority. Our property maintenance services are tailored to the specific needs and climate of Pound Ridge, offering everything from regular lawn care to seasonal clean-ups. Trust our certified landscape technicians to keep your outdoor space looking pristine all year round, preserving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your landscape.

A beautifully manicured lawn and thriving green plants, showcasing the excellence of property maintenance services in New York

Snow and Ice Removal & Maintenance in Pound Ridge, NY

Winter in Pound Ridge demands a proactive and efficient approach to snow and ice management. Our comprehensive winter weather services ensure that your property remains safe and accessible, even in the harshest conditions. With our specialized equipment and experienced team, we’re here to take the worry out of winter, providing timely and reliable snow and ice removal services.

A skilled worker operating a bulldozer to clear snow on a property, exemplifying Land of ELITE's top-tier snow and ice removal services in NY

Customizable Holiday Decor in Pound Ridge

Celebrate the holidays in style with Land of ELITE’s exclusive and customizable holiday decorating services in Pound Ridge. From grand Christmas displays to subtle seasonal decorations, we handle everything, allowing you to enjoy the festive season without the hassle. Our creative team works with you to design decor that captures the season’s spirit and reflects your style, adding a magical touch to your Pound Ridge property.

A charming house aglow with custom Christmas decorations, highlighting the magic of holiday decorating services in New York.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space with Land of ELITE

Your outdoor living space in Pound Ridge deserves the best. Trust Land of ELITE, the leading outdoor living space contractor, to bring your outdoor dreams to life. From custom pool design to seasonal maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Contact Land of ELITE today and unleash the potential of your Pound Ridge property!