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Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean it’s “lights out” for entertaining and enjoying your outdoor living space. Landscape lighting enhances your property after dark and extends the time you can use your al fresco gathering spaces — plus, it improves safety and elevates security. There are a lot of benefits of landscape lighting that go beyond aesthetics.

Sometimes, lighting is an afterthought in a landscape design or a line item that homeowners scratch from the plan if they’re nip-tucking the budget. We do not recommend this. There is good reason to prioritize landscape lighting as an essential outdoor living feature that increases property value, adds to curb appeal, and allows you to maximize your time outside.

Top Benefits of Landscape Lighting


Patio and firepit illuminated for extended outdoor enjoyment


Extend Your Time Outdoors

In the Northeast, we have to make the most of the seasons when we can cook out, lounge by the pool, gather outdoors with friends and family, and relax by a fire pit. Why should the party stop after dark? Landscape lighting illuminates task zones like an outdoor kitchen or bar, along with dining spaces or play areas. The effect of a layered lighting approach is natural — forget the old airport runway-style path lights. Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting blends with existing features, and automation allows you to control them with a smartphone app.

Highlight Plants and Architectural Features

Landscape lighting enhances the texture and shape of plantings in your landscape so that you can enjoy your property’s natural features after sundown. The same applies to illuminating your home’s architectural features, such as angles, columns, archways, corbels, eaves and turrets.

Generally speaking, some of the most common LED lighting techniques we use for the landscape and home exterior include: highlighting, silhouetting, shadowing, grazing, moonlighting and spotlighting. Landscape lighting enhances outdoor living structures, such as pavilions, pergolas, water features and decor.


Walkway illuminated for enhanced visibility and peace of mind


Lighting to Enhance Safety and Security

Shining light into your property’s dark areas can discourage intruders from trespassing on your property. For instance, we position a flood light to shine on a fence line or illuminate a back shed space or behind a garage. Wide open yards, gardens and corners are also culprits for thieves, and we suggest installing landscape lighting to improve security. The other aspect of safety is preventing trips, slips and falls. Adding path lights, step lights, and soft uplighting or downlighting throughout outdoor living spaces allows your family and guests to navigate walkways and grade changes more easily.


Lighting adds curb appeal and elegance to your entrance


Turn Up Your Curb Appeal

When professionally designed and installed, landscape lighting will elevate your property’s curb appeal and create a“wow” first impression. Consider how your home and landscape look when you drive by at night. Does everything disappear into the dark? Just as you don’t want to close down the patio party after hours, you shouldn’t lose your curb appeal after sundown. And if other houses in your neighborhood are elegantly lit and yours lacks illumination, you’re really “lights out” regarding adding value to your property. The bottom line: Sophisticated landscape lighting gives your home and outdoor features a welcoming, appealing glow.


Pool with mesmerizing lighting features and stunning landscape illumination


Convert Outdoor Lighting to Energy-Efficient LED

Today’s low-voltage outdoor LED lights use 75% less power than conventional lighting and last 20 times longer, with an average life span of more than 40,000 hours. So, if your property’s landscape lighting is outdated, you’re paying more to keep them on than to change them out to a modern, energy-saving system. Aside from energy efficiency, the outdoor lighting systems we install at Land of ELITE can be automated, allowing you to operate lights from anywhere. Plus, advances like color-changing lights allow you to set the mood for a festive evening outdoors or coordinate colors for holidays.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Landscape Lighting the ELITE Way

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