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With warmer weather around the corner, you’re itching to pull back the pool cover – but there’s work to do first before opening your pool for the season. We’re talking about much more than skimming off the gunk and adding chlorine. Luxury pools like the ones Land of ELITE installs and maintains often include sophisticated monitoring devices, automated systems like heating and lighting, and advanced filters. Over the long term, these controls reduce maintenance expenses but require care before the swimming season. Not to mention, pool tile and features like waterfalls and jacuzzis have spring pool service requirements.

Essential spring pool service includes:

  • A general equipment inspection
  • Mechanical tuneup to ensure systems are in proper working order
  • Pool cleaning – vacuuming, skimming and brushing
  • Checking pool chemistry and pH and making necessary adjustments
  • Filter inspection and cleaning
  • Re-installing ladders and handrails (if removed)
  • Adding water (if low)
  • Maintaining the salt chlorine generator and checking levels (if applicable)

Don’t take shortcuts with the spring pool service. You could end up replacing parts or equipments. What to expect from spring pool maintenance? A professional pool maintenance provider will perform must-do spring pool cleaning tasks to protect your investment and ensure it is healthy and safe for swimming. DIY pool maintenance often costs more when steps are overlooked or improperly performed.

Essential Preparations Before Opening Your Pool for the Season

Inspecting Your Pool in Spring

The first step a pool maintenance professional takes to prepare your pool for the season is a general inspection of all equipment and the pool structure. This includes assessing filters, valves, drain covers and other systems like the pool heater. This initial pool audit includes addressing the water level, water discoloration, and integrity of the pool shell, coping and tile. We’ll also look at pool surroundings, like overhanging branches that should be removed for safety. Basically, this is a detailed walk-through that allows us to create a specific list of items that might need to be addressed immediately or down the road.


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Deep Cleaning Your Pool in Spring

After winter, debris can build up on a pool cover and might fall into the water. Twigs, leaves and other droppings must be removed from the cover to prevent damage, and you don’t want this “yuck” to create more cleaning work. Plus, debris can clog filters and cause mechanical damage. A pool professional will carefully clean, fold back and remove the pool cover. Spring pool maintenance includes skimming, vacuuming, and brushing the pool shell and tile. During this time, we can identify clogs and address stains.

Balancing Pool Chemistry

Our professionals test pool chemistry weekly; this step is also critical for opening a pool in spring. Your pool water pH should be 7.4 to 7.6. If the pool is too acidic, the water becomes corrosive and can damage equipment and surfaces. You’ll notice scaling and green growth if your pool is too alkaline.

We always need to adjust the water pH after winter because rain and other environmental factors contribute to chemical imbalance. We will check pool chemistry after adding water if levels are low, and they usually are after winter.

Additionally, spring pool startup includes adding chemicals, including stain and scale preventer, chlorine, cyanuric acid or stabilizer, and algaecide or clarifiers if needed. If a pool has high calcium hardness from dissolved particles that can trigger scaling and equipment damage, a pool maintenance pro will want to increase calcium hardness in the water. Depending on the water’s pH level, a pool also might require chemistries to bring levels back to balance.

Before You Dive In

The last step of spring pool maintenance is to start the system to check for leaks and ensure that all pool mechanicals, like pumps and filters, are working post-maintenance. After cleaning up around the pool area and allowing the pool heater to kick onto your chosen level, you’re ready to take the first plunge of the season!


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ELITE Pool Maintenance to Prepare for Spring

Spring pool maintenance and startup services will ensure your Poughkeepsie, NY, pool is ready for swimming season! Our pool professionals are here to answer any of your questions and show how our pool process works. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us to book an appointment today by calling 845-849-2953, or fill out this simple form, and we’ll contact you.

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