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We’re land lovers at heart. Getting our hands dirty is beautiful– gardening is an artistic expression that draws in vibrant colors, textures, scents, tastes and offers a satisfying outdoor experience.

How do you want your garden to grow? Do you want to have the best gardens in Poughkeepsie, NY?

Consider how a garden can benefit your outdoor living space, from providing a bounty of produce and herbs for cooking to fresh flowers for the table. Rooftop gardens are an aesthetically pleasing way to save on energy bills and increase home value, while native plants in a garden require little care to thrive.

At Land of ELITE, our horticulturists collaborate with you to learn what gardening means to you. For some, it’s a hobby and method of connecting with nature – and you wish your garden were growing. (We can help with that.) For others, it’s about beauty and enlisting a professional for garden maintenance. Here are some ways we’re integrating garden spaces into New York properties.

Design Inspirations for the Finest Gardens in Poughkeepsie, NY

The Culinary Garden

You can grow herbs and produce that are hard to find in the store and plant staples to harvest your own farmer’s market basket of fresh foods from the backyard. Raised beds allow us to create the ideal nutrient-rich soil profile, which is the key to cultivating successful garden-fresh eats. Plus, we can raise beds, so you do not have to stress your back and body to care for plants.

The Cottage Garden

Charming cottage gardens can be a window to your personality. Whimsical cottage gardens are informal, flowing with flowers, herbs, and colorful plants. Yet, cottage gardens are often defined by a pergola “door” to the garden or arbors supporting trailing vines and roses that create a tunnel of plant life. What we love about cottage gardens are the creativity and flexibility. There are no hard-fast rules, but the essential elements of a cottage garden include a mixture of ornamental and edible plans and often a meandering walkway – perhaps stepping stones.

The Flower Garden

Vibrant flower gardens with a combination of annuals and perennials in varying heights and bloom times provide seasons-long color for your New York landscape. Choose a color scheme, such as on-trend magenta combined with greens, or go for a monochromatic look. The choice is yours, and you’ll have fresh-cut flowers for your home and outdoor space. There are many native options, and we offer gardening maintenance. We start by addressing soil quality and then select flowering plants that align with the level of maintenance you desire.


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The Low-Maintenance Garden

Grasses, groundcovers, shrubs and statement pieces like interesting rocks create a low-maintenance landscape bed. Regular pruning is necessary, but selecting plants that naturally thrive in this region reduces the necessary disease and pest control measures a professional might need to implement with more susceptible varieties. Common native New York plants include: maple-leaved viburnum, Virginia rose, buttonbush and broadleaf sedge, among others. To add color with native flowers, successful native plants for Poughkeepsie include blue aster, northern blue flag and great blue lobelia, among others.

The Rooftop Garden

Look up! Your landscape isn’t the only space on your property that benefits from a garden. Green roofs can lower the temperature in surrounding areas by up to 9 degrees during hot days. We can incorporate plants that attract beneficial pollinators, adding even more environmental value to the garden. Not to mention, rooftop gardens increase property value and sustain the longevity of your roof by protecting the shingles below with a waterproof barrier, growing medium and lush vegetation.

Your Garden, the ELITE Way

As land lovers, gardens are a sweet spot for LAND OF ELITE and the heart of true landscaping. Our team of horticulturalists and professional landscape installers can transform unusable spaces into postcard-worthy gardens.  How can we create the backyard of your dreams? Let’s talk. Call (845) 849-2953 or complete our contact form for more information.

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