There’s no place like home for entertaining, relaxing, and making memories with friends and family. Now more than ever, we’re celebrating outdoor spaces and the value they add to our properties — financially and from a lifestyle perspective.

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) reports that professional landscaping can add 15% to 20% to a home’s resale price. But equally important to our clients is the enjoyment they experience when outdoor living spaces chock full of custom amenities create a luxury environment that’s a true extension of their indoors.

If you have a vision for your outdoor living space, a landscape professional with design/build expertise can transform your property. Custom landscape projects like patios, outdoor kitchens, roof structures, water features and lighting require deep experience. And most importantly, you need a plan.

Let’s explore the benefits of professional landscape design and how it can give you an outdoor living space that is beyond expectations.


Backyard pool surrounded by well maintained lawn


Choosing a Professional for Your Outdoor Living Space

When you partner with a full-service design/build landscape professional, the process begins with a site visit and conversation to gather your ideas and understand your vision. It’s seamless and comprehensive. On the other hand, some contractors handle only decks or just garden beds. The problem with this piecemeal approach is you end up working with many different landscapers, scheduling needs to be coordinated, and there’s no cohesive plan. There are clear benefits to hiring a landscape design/build professional that can take an idea to design, installation and then continue with maintenance.

You’ll want to interview several landscape firms before selecting a professional for your outdoor living project. We encourage you to be sure the company’s team includes these essential disciplines:

  • Experienced landscape designers and landscape architects
  • Certified professional contractors
  • Specialty craftspeople focused on specific trades
  • Account managers that oversee your project


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Orchestrating a Landscape Project – Details, Details

Outdoor living spaces include many components. To start, there is necessary permitting and site consultation. Also, every feature, from patios to pools, requires selecting materials, professional design, and installation by experienced craftspeople.

When you work with a landscape design/build firm, an account manager will quarterback your project. You’ll have a single point of contact who guides you through the process. All scheduling, materials sourcing and project execution are handled under one roof.

With concierge customer service, you do not have to worry about which subcontractor is showing up on your property and whether the correct materials arrived to complete a step in the project.


Aerial view of pool and deck with firepit


Planning a Landscape Project in Phases

For large-scale custom landscape design/build projects, you can accomplish the design in phases that suit your budget. (It’s beneficial to work with a landscape professional offering finance.) For example, the first phase might include site grading and creating a patio with retaining or seating walls. You might add landscape beds or a pavilion to shelter a seating space from there. Additional features could involve water features, landscape lighting or a fire pit.

Another benefit of working with a landscape professional to transform your outdoor living space is that the firm will create a detailed rendering that considers every aspect of your property. Whether you decide to take on the project all at once or space it out, you know the final result will be seamless. A landscape plan is equally essential if you are considering a less complex project. It informs the installation process and assures you that you will get what you expect before construction begins.


Patio with fireplace surrounded by nature


Landscape Features that Add Value to Your Property

Some in-demand projects our clients request include fire features, from wood-burning fire pits to fire tables you can operate with an app. Pondless water features add an elegant touch, as do waterfalls that pour over natural rock outcroppings. Pavilions are also popular, making an outdoor space feel like a living room. We are building fireplaces into covered areas and installing outdoor sound systems and media.

Green roofs beautify an otherwise bare rooftop, and they can lower the temperature of surrounding areas by up to 9 degrees during hot summer days. Also, green roofs increase property value. Rooftop gardens extend your roof’s life when installed on top of waterproofing. We encourage our clients to expand their “green space” vision by including the roof in their landscaping plans.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space the ELITE Way

How can we create the backyard of your dreams? Let’s talk. Our design and build landscape professionals bring inspiration, expertise, and professionalism to every project. Reach out by calling (845) 849-2953 or fill out this simple contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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