IMG 00702We work hard to keep going through a winter like this one! With bitter cold temperatures and a lot of snow in the Northeast, we were delighted to be invited by a client and friend of over 30 years to design and oversee a project at their home on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

The fountains you see in the pictures are only one small yet critical piece of the project. These fountains not only provide a visual impact for the property, they are also a safety feature. They keep out the gators! As you can see here, keeping out unwanted visitors doesn’t always mean you need to put up a fence. Sometimes there is another more visually pleasing solution.

Our client spends 6 months per year on the island and wanted to enjoy a property full of beauty and color. These fountains and some home repairs (details for another post) are just the beginning of this project. Once those repairs are finished, we will return in early April to bring in the color and beauty!

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